Hi!  Thanks for visiting my site.  Painting is my passion and I love to share my art!  My Art is My Message.  Through my art I share the beauty I see in the ordinary: our homes, shadows casting on a street, or animals I love. 

A few tips on how to view the paintings on my site: After opening the site, tap MENU, then tap ART.  Several images will appear.  These images are CATEGORIES.  Tap each CATEGORY to view the paintings in that specific category.  YOU CAN TAP ON THE  PAINTING YOU ARE VIEWING TO MAKE IT BIGGER, AND FOR INFORMATION ON PRICE, SIZE, AND MEDIUM. TO SEE THE NEXT PICTURE IN THAT CATEGORY, TAP THE BLACK BACK ARROW IN THE UPPER LEFT CORNER OF YOUR SCREEN.  WHEN YOU'RE FINISHED VIEWING THE PICTURES IN THAT CATEGORY, Then you can go back to ART and view more images of my work! 

Enjoy the paintings!  If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact me: (520) 437-3339, artbysage@gmail.com.







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