Sage Boyd Artist Statement

My Art is My Message”


I Love Being an Artist in Tucson, Arizona

Our “barrios” which are old historic neighborhoods with charming pueblo homes with their beautiful ancient doors are great subject matter.


Everywhere I go in Tucson I’m armed with camera, ready to shoot.  Part of the fun for me as an artist is being a detective, ever alert, ready to discover the next beautiful scene to paint!


The Beauty of the Desert

Its various cacti, which I call “Nature’s Sculptures” have a variety of shapes and cast interesting shadows.  Ocotillos, with their long green branches springing from the sand to fifteen feet high, have blossoms on the tops of the branches that look like red flags, waiving in the breeze. 


Early Spring makes a beautiful entrance in front yards everywhere with a giant splash of colorful wild flowers. The color of Tucson puts everyone in a good mood!


In late Spring, our state tree, the Palo Verde, transforms our scenery by dropping its blooms to the ground, creating an enchanting “carpet of yellow” everywhere. 


Our Bird of Paradise bushes with their large, ostentatious orange flowers attract attention in July. 


In late Summer we see Saguaros, with their cactus arms, like soldiers guarding the desert.  Their huge beautiful white blossoms are harvested each summer by Latinas to brew into delicious beer.


Finally, our Texas Rangers, known as “Rain Bushes” glow with neon lavender blossoms warning us of the monsoon season approaching.


Painting Shadows

The Barrios, Tucson’s historic neighborhoods, with their Latino influence, are irresistible to me.  I love creating paintings of them.  Their simple architecture, embraced by the shadows of the tall trees and huge old cacti are the subject in most of my paintings.  Often, I take the long view, leaving plenty of foreground to broadcast their lacy shadows on the ground.


My Art is My Message

Art, like music, photography, fashion, dance, and love, is a “universal language”.  That is, no words are needed.  It is a more direct way to express emotions, messages, beauty, warnings, and stories. 


My art is my message.  My message is beauty. Especially the beauty of antiquity.  For example, we’ve all been touched at one time or another by an image of an old woman’s wrinkled face and see its beauty.


My hope is that my paintings of antiquity in buildings and barrios inspires people to see the beauty in what they have and be inspired to care for what they have.  The value I am expressing behind that is being a good steward of our planet.  Over consumerism and being a “throw away” society is ruining our planet. 


In my paintings of the shadows of trees and cacti, I am hoping the message you get is how important nature is the cycle of life on our planet.  The interdependency of plants, animals, our diet, fossil fuels, the weather, what and where we buy, are all part of a healthy planet to live on and pass on to our descendants.  


How to See the Art of Sage Boyd

 If you live in or visit Tucson, you can view my paintings at Desert Artisans Gallery at 6536 E Tanque Verde Rd., 85715.  Or call me at 520-437-3339 to find out when I'll be there.

Thanks for visiting my site.  Hope to see you soon!









Sage Boyd Resumee



Sage Boyd has been a busy artist from the time she could sit at the kitchen table and color with crayons. She learned how to draw by copying pictures from the newspaper. As a teenager, she got a job so she could buy art supplies.  Her passion for creating art started at an early age and hasn't waned after six decades.


Living in San Diego, near Balboa Park, Sage would visit the museums often.  As a result, she met the notable Spanish impressionist, Sebastian Capella, who was taught by Juaquin Sorolla, a famous spanish artist from the early 1900's,

Sage studied under Sebastian for several years, and then under his protoge, Andrea Gaye, whos work you can find on Google.

Undoubtely, these two artists had a profound effect on Sage's style,  She uses lively colors, paints thick and bold, and her uplifting subject matter is inspiring.


Living in San Diego for over 30 years, Sage exhibited her art at numerous venues in Coronado, La Jolla, Encinitas and San Diego.  She has collected blue ribbons and been successful in galleries in San Diego, Albuquerque, and Tucson.  Currently her work can be seen at Desert Artisans Gallery in Tucson, AZ.


Rayana Starre, Baja California, Mexco

Kimberly Eaton, Chula Vista, CA

Mr. & Mrs. Keneth Linsley

Diane Robles, Tucson AZ

Nancy Eberhard, Giddings, TX

Mr. & Mrs, Deron Jamail, Austin, TX

Mr. & Mrs. Gary York, Klamath Falls, OR





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